Training for Technology Begins in Preschool

Basic education preschool, primary and secondary education is the training stage in which individuals develop thinking skills and core competencies to promote systematic and continuous learning, as well as the standards and attitudes that governed his life. Ensure that all children, girls and adolescents in the country have the same opportunities to pursue and successfully complete basic education and learning to achieve established for each grade level are critical to support the development of the nation.

In a quality basic education to develop core competencies and the achievement of student learning are the central goals are the goals to which teachers, school system and direct their efforts.Personal processes allow assessment of individual construction of knowledge so that, in this perspective are unimportant based learning shallow processing of information and those oriented information retrieval in the short term. One of the most interesting definitions we propose one of the greatest thinkers, Aristotle: “Education is to direct feelings of pleasure and pain to the ethical order.” Education is also called the outcome of this process, which is embodied in the set of skills, knowledge, attitudes and values acquired, producing changes in social, intellectual, emotional, etc.. the person depending on the degree of awareness, will be for life or for a fixed term, becoming part of the memory in the latter case. Compulsory education in the world. Darker colors represent more school years and the clear, fewer years. To see the map at a comfortable size click on the image.