Property Owner

If necessary, re-registration of cars may be made by a third person, but this case requires a notarized power of attorney, which must be indicated, complete and accurate powers of attorney. Among them are necessarily provided for the right off the register, the right Registration in the traffic police, and others. Change of ownership the vehicle (another vehicle) power of attorney should immediately clarify that the legislation does not provide a formal way of transfer of rights property from the owner to the buyer of the vehicle. Issue a warrant can only perform certain actions: removal of the vehicle with the right to sell the right to represent the interests of owner during the inspection, etc. Through re-registration of auto proxy, risk is almost equally as the seller and buyer: The seller does not alienate the vehicle, he continues to be its owner and take full responsibility for everything that goes with it. Resigning car by proxy does not relieve the seller from the obligation to pay the fines and reparation, transferred in this way caused the TC in the accident. As for the buyer, it does not become the full owner of the vehicle, because the power of attorney gives the right to carry out only those actions that directly indicated in the text.

Re-registration of cars on the basis of warrants entitles the control of the machine, carrying out technical inspections, compulsory payments, but only on behalf of the owner, which the buyer is not is. The owner has the right at any time revoke the power of attorney, and the buyer loses the right to automatically control the vehicle. There may also be in trouble with the traffic police, because actual possession of the machine would be illegal. It becomes impossible to re-registering a car in the event of death of the former owner, as his death warrant expires automatically, and in the order of succession law Property will issue the heirs under the will or the law. Thus, from such an unreliable method should be abandoned in order to avoid troubles and difficulties in the future..