The Letters Inverted Y El Tarot Of Love

The reversed letters are disgruntled letters. His message tends to dilute any positive aspect having that arcane in particular. And when they begin to leave exposed arcana invested in the tarot of love Chuck, things do not walk nor can end well. The crazy invested in Chuck shows us silly, to the irresponsible who performs actions without looking at the consequences. If the loco is the character of the life force that drives him to try new paths and discover new ways, inverted is a harbinger that acting little sensibly we can lose more than what we would be winning. It is a call for sanity.

For its part, the magician inverted refers us to be devoid of scruples, someone able to appeal to the most obscure Arts in order to achieve what is proposed. It is a warning that we have to be careful with those around us, usually referring to persons with knowledge or power a mother-in-law, perhaps – that will do everything that is in your hands to separate us from who we love. Similar bias has exposure of the inverted Priestess, although it may not refer to someone powerful, but a person who lies directly. Speaks of dissimulations, of things not said, in situations where all truth is not. It could also refer to infidelity.

Inverted Empress tells us that the person that we try to bring us is more interested in the world around us, and what others have to say she or he who in us. It’s a frivolous person, who could well be playing with our feelings. In this case, the best is to think coolly if we want to be exposed to that break us the heart. Finally, the worst of all the letters, perhaps, that may leave revealed in the tarot of love: inverted lovers. This letter tells us that the relationship is destined to fail, in the majority of cases. It speaks to us of a frustrated marriage, and temptations that prey on those who participate in the relationship. There is not much to be done, divorce or separation are almost the natural consequence, the outcome of this painful situation that we will have to go through. And it won’t be a separation simple, mature people, but fights and disagreements can be common currency. However it is necessary to remember that any omen that the tarot has to make us is an inexorable reality. We own our actions, and, ultimately, of our destinations. Jesus Ontivero original author and source of the article