With the gradual of the National 12-5 develop infrastructure Plan, the energy province henan also began to speed up infrastructure construction and production of construction. Dependent on the wealth of local limestone, sandstone, phosphorous, bauxite, coal and other mineral resources, the henan region, mining, sand and gravel aggregate production and chemical raw materials ore production are in full swing. Facing the amplification of local infrastructure projects, it is also contributed to a lot of sand and gravel aggregate production enterprises to invest in equipment for intensifying the production. According to the survey of mining equipment companies and equipment selection experience shows that our areas of limestone, sandstone belonging to medium-hard materials, cone breaker, hammer breaker and impact breaker can meet the requirements, higher prices of conebreaker, hammer faster loss of crusher, impact breaker can achieve stable performance and long working hours, but also save money, it is the most economical choice. TONGREN, Bijie, Zunyi, more large gravel quarry, large stones factory production lines use the broken equipment Crusher, the latest impact breaker of our companywas designed on the original characteristics basis of local features and sandstone, limestone mining conditions on the combination of the henan region, will launch a special new type of impact breaker in the local plant, roads, railways and other infrastructure areas play an important role in efficient building materials and machinery located and extremely wide application in the fields of metallurgy, chemical. compared to similar products, henan region gravel market survey found that the height of new impact breaker won praise has a very prominent advantages: The contrast device: large crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency Board hammer contrast: quality of high chromium cast iron is super, special production process, long service life Rotor contrast: WHM two-step super hard surface deposition technology, increased by 2 times more than the conventional electrode surfacing life Spindle wear contrast: the military high strength steel artillery, the vacuum double refining intensity surplus 4-5 times Our compnay s new Crusher are equipping the features of higher mechanical performance, higher efficiency and more gradual operation, so it is widely applied in the henan market. our company is a professional high-tech enterprise engaged in crushing the research and production of engineering equipment and wear-resistant materials, our Institute independent develop and manufacturing, mining, sand and gravel aggregate production equipment the deep cavity jaw breaker DOC hammer breaker, PCX shaping sand making machine and other equipment made good sales in the local market, which the accelerating pace of regional infrastructure in henan. original link: stone crusher: dryer machine:. .