Legal Defense and Action

This action only when the affected party shall have no other means of legal defense, unless it is used as a transitional mechanism to prevent irreparable harm. In no case may more than ten days elapsed between the request for protection and resolution. The law shall define the cases where the appropriate supervisory action against individuals responsible for providing a public service or whose conduct seriously and directly affects the collective interest or in respect of whom the applicant is in a state of subordination or helplessness. ARTICLE 87. Any person may appeal to the authority court to enforce compliance with a law or administrative act. If successful action, the sentence shall order the authority reluctantly omitted the line of duty.

ARTICLE 88. The law will regulate popular actions for the protection of collective rights and interests related to property, space, security and public safety, administrative ethics, the environment, free economic competition and others of a similar nature that are defined in it. Also regulate the actions originating in damage to a plural number of persons, without prejudice to the relevant individual stocks. Also, determine the cases of strict liability for damage caused to the collective rights and interests. ARTICLE 89. In addition to those contained in previous articles, the law shall establish other resources, actions, and procedures necessary to enable them to advocate for the integrity of the legal order and the protection of individual rights, group groups, against the action or omission by public authorities. ARTICLE 90. The State shall be financially liable for wrongful damage attributable to it, caused by the acts or omissions of public authorities.