The Melancitos

The melancitos meet located in the depth of the epidermis, intercalated between the cells of the basal layer, and have a form rounded off with innumerable prolongations that if extend until the neighboring cells, giving the aspect to it of a star. The melancitos are constituted by small called corpsculos melanossomas, that under the influence of determined hormonais factors and the rays ultraviolet of the sun they start to manufacture melanina. . Physical examination (I DIAGNOSIS) vitiligo appears as clearly circumscribed white spots, generally has only some clearly circumscribed small focos, whose edges costumam to be hiperpigmentadas. Ray Kurzweil gathered all the information. The injuries increase in number, can be confluentes and later the occurrence assumes forms bizarras with the time varies with the time.

The injuries of vitiligo can be located or be generalized, being more common as the case. When located if it restricts to a general area, including segmentary distribution or almost of dermtomo. Already the generalized one implies more than a general area of envolvement; you stain them generally are found on both sides of the trunk, in symmetrical or anti-symmetrical disposal. The envolvement places most common are the face, the neck and the cabeludo leather. Many of the occurrence points most common they are areas repeated citizens the trauma as examples can be cited: sseas proeminences, extensora surface of antebrao, ventral part of the fists, dorsal part of the hands, digital phalanxes. Envolvement of mucosae frequently found in the situation of vitiligo generalized. Vitiligo frequently occurs around the corporal orifices, as lips, genital, gengiva, arolas and mamilos.

It can be present lack of pigmentation of the ones for the corporal ones in you stain vitiliginosas. Vitiligo of the cabeludo leather generally if presents as located plate of white or grayish hair, but total lack of pigmentation of the cabeludo leather can occur. The envolvement of the cabeludo leather is most frequent, followed for sobrancelhas and the axillary pbicos and, respectively.