Mountaineer Hotel

After that, follow Alec in his office. After registering, you are carried along with the owner in the room – the museum ( 10) who died tragically Mountaineer. Pay attention to smoking cigarettes, a newspaper on the table, dirty shoes and strange ticking device, similar to the aquarium. Official site: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. Let us hear the pathetic monologue Alec, talk to him. Select from the floor pads, give them the owner (you’d think he never saw them!) And are automatically in your room ( 4).

Talk Kaiso with everything (for general familiarization with living in the hotel guests that come in handy). We approach the door, but it turns out that Kaisa (and perhaps that is not it) – foolish girl, and he went out, inadvertently locked you in room. Press the call button on the wall (remember the color) – to no avail. Take out your suitcase and a cigarette lighter, go to the bathroom. They pick a stock razor, a towel and a mirror. Go back to the room, exit to the balcony. Riddle of the mirror. Run through the balcony door to the next room.

Closed … approach the glassed-in window, look at him. See the guest sitting in a chair trying to reach out … It’s useless. Must somehow get his attention … use a mirror on the window. After a short mini-game (first send a sunbeam in a bottle on the floor, then follow the beam, holding the balance) Glebskii finally noticed. Meet the Simone physicist. Please note pinned to the wall leaves the records of some formulas, Simone’s hand. Press the call button in his room (although it is not necessary, but out of mischief can be), remember the color. Leaving Number Simone. In the corridor, marking the angry Kaisa, talking with her and head for the door numbers Glebskii (just opposite). Strange – the key in the lock, open room … Peter decides that it is necessary to put the car into the garage, it will study. Go down to the first floor of the hotel on the side of the stairs, see Alec Snevara, looking in the electric board, hanging on the wall. We speak to him, take his key to the garage. In search of the garage go to the kitchen to the Qays and learn that the call system personnel in the room does not work, therefore, long time before dinner is ready (if Kaisa offer a snack, do not give up the sandwich with caviar – you can then feed into a charming dog – Lelia). Here in the kitchen on the table, where is a basket of vegetables, take the matches (useful). We continue to look for a garage. On the way to wrap in a fireplace room, where an inspector will familiarity with the famous illusionist du Barnstokrom and his niece, Brune, which explain to us where the garage. Go further, to the search. Finding a garage, find that the lock on the door iced, and it just will not open. We’ll have to find a way to break the ice (a lighter and matches in this case help).

NPC System

One X-COM would be enough to call the 1994-th year of the most important for the development of computer games. But in the early spring of Origin and Looking Glass Studios released System Shock – the game, being on our industry with you about the same effect as published ten years earlier, "Neuromancer" by William Gibson – the fantastic literature. Trends were formed long ago: in the secret (as well as public) laboratories performed inhuman experiments on crossing shooters and role-playing games in Europe gaining strength newfangled genre survival horror (horror), and the success of Flashback Syndicate forced many developers to think about what cyberpunk – this is so cool … Producer Warren Spector and Doug Church programmer meanwhile tired endless Dungeon Ultima Underworld. At the junction of all these circumstances, there was a game prototype, which determined the path of FPS (and videogames in general) over the next fifteen years. Almost all findings of System Shock somehow taken root: neyroimplanty with upgradable; not feed the plot through conversations with the NPC, and via e-mail and found CDs with information, full of 3D-wireframe in cyberspace, ingeniously articulated with the game "reality." NPC in the game do not able because of technical limitations, but System Shock is still very good looks. It is not yet fully three-dimensional engine (three-dimensional model of virtuosity combined with sprites), but in System Shock already present inclined surfaces, layered architecture, a very interesting physics (there is constructed an invisible player model and all movements and contacts are calculated, for example, the position of his head) and the resolution to 640×480. Not a bit out of date and the total atmosphere of the game (the developers tried to build a hyper-world in which all objects appear three-dimensional and tactile, and that he was quite successful!), and extraordinary personality supercomputer SHODAN – a distant predecessor of GLDOS …

K Unfortunately, in March, was released heavily cut down version of the game on floppy disks – no public address and SVGA. Computer games have changed a lot since System Shock. In the fall, when there was a full CD-version, the world has rules Doom 2: Hell on Earth, coming, as opposed to resource intensive games Looking Glass, on absolutely any computer. In 1994, System Shock did not play almost no one, and Spector still gnaws at his elbows on the subject.