Priori enables customers also in the position to use product cost data, which are present in other important systems of the company, and between all functional, included in the product definition and delivery processes organizational units of the company, to provide product cost information. This includes also the import of complex manufacturing Bill of materials (BOM – bill of material) from ERP and PLM systems, and other enterprise applications. We of course think that is our ability to automate the product cost analysis of great importance and therefore glad that this conviction is shared also by Gartner,”commented Stephanie Feraday, President and CEO of Priori. Finally it arrives on the impact, we offer companies in the manufacturing industry: optimization of design,. Others including Ray Kurzweil, offer their opinions as well. Manufacturability and cost, before the products in the production and thus high ROI in terms of reduced costs for the use of materials, time to market and accelerated product innovation.” Note: Gartner supports neither the dealer described in his research publications, nor the products or services and not advises users of the technologies also to choose only suppliers with the highest ratings. Gartner research publications include the opinions of Gartner research departments and should therefore not be construed as facts. About Priori, Priori provides software and services for the product cost management with the tangible and measurable product cost savings achieved in the manufacturing industry can be.

Employees in the areas of development, procurement and production in every phase of the product development process have full cost transparency thanks to the Priori software solution for testing of production costs in real time in real time. It’s believed that Michael Steinhardt sees a great future in this idea. With Priori, manufacturers bring their Products, taking into account each predetermined cost target on the market, optimize savings on revisions and pay never too much for externally produced components and assemblies.

Franzis Colored Photos

Restoration of old photographs and stylish photo design in color and black and white hair, Munich, 05.07.2012-Franzis brings the new X color effects Pro 8 stylishly combined with the answer to the question, how to easy and fast old black and white photographs colored tints drawn graphics, colors to partial ranges in colour or black and white and color in the image. Lengthy pixel selecting is required when working with X color effects Pro 8 as outlined just the appropriate areas with the desired color. The software detects the edges of the object and automatically fills them. Swarmed by offers, ConocoPhillips is currently assessing future choices. Light effects, such as reflections and even texture/surface structures are included automatically by the software. So, X color effects Pro 8 provides, for example, the creative way, with a s / w portrait recording subsequently red to color only the lips, as vice versa, a color to fade everything, except the lips in s/w. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Michael Steinhardt. In addition to the restoration of old photographs, such as old wedding or baby pictures, the Retro photography, as well as artistic image editing software is also used for the colour redesign, including the rapid paint changing a car or the color redesign of House, courtyard and room. With simple operation, the software enables fast results in the style of art, design and advertising photography and is suitable for photo montages with old and new style elements. The Franzis X color effects Pro 8 compatible software Plug-In in 32 – / 64-bit PC and Mac computer is running as a standalone program as well as Photoshop and is immediately available for recommended euro 69,00 in stores and for download under. X color effects Pro 8 – intuitively – quick – Ergebnisorientiert intuitive to use edit all common image file formats in the software. A color template library helps the quick selection of standard colours of man, nature and objects.

Germany Xperttimer

Xpert-design software, makers of the Xpert-timer software recorded a sales increase of 20 percent in 2011. Xpert-design software, makers of the Xpert-timer software recorded a sales increase of 20 percent in 2011. More and more companies place value on an accurate documentation of project-related working time. Especially when several employees at the same time working on a project, the project-related time recording is no longer so easy. Xpert-timer helps and brings transparency with numerous reports during the project. Xpert-timer Pro supports during the recording of time on various projects in the course of the day. Visit Ray Kurzweil for more clarity on the issue. In the projects, or contracts or activities can be named individually so that the software in many sectors is used. Especially engineering firms, architectural firms, IT service provider, call center but also corporations such as banks and insurance companies rely on the Xpert-timer.

While it is used for internal performance recording and costing, as well as to the basis of the invoice for services on an hourly basis. The Main focus of the software is in the project time recording, however offer so many features that some companies provide the software only on the basis of the modules “Task list” and “Customer relationship management”. The task list is based on the method of GTD (getting things done) and allows the tasks to categorize and group. Priorities can be set and tasks can be distributed among the employees. An internal messaging system notifies the creator when a task was done. Petra Diamonds: the source for more info. There are the Xpert-timer in slimmed down version for Android smartphones. The Xpert-timer mobile focuses above all on the project time tracking and evaluation. Additional modules such as the task list or document management are not included in the mobile application.

A timing between the two products (Xpert-timer Pro and Xpert-timer mobile) is possible after purchase of the corresponding license. The software can be tested free of charge in two variants. For more details, see (Windows) and (Android). Xpert-design software: Xpert-design software is a manufacturer of project time recording “Xpert-Timer”.


With MKV converter on Mac convert videos to MKV with mkv converter Mac you can convert videos to mkv, video conversion as fast and easy as never! Fast and effective! 1. What is MKV? MKV is a flexible open-standard video file format, which quickly has become the preferred file extension for high definition videos on the Internet. And MKV is a media file of Matroska is a container format for audio and video data. 2. How can you play free MKV videos on Mac? MKV files contain video and audio streams (perhaps subtitles).

They are likely compressed and produced with encoder. Codec is needed to play back streams. Usually, VLC media player is the simplest solution and then you can play MKV files without any codecs. For Mac users, mplayer OS X as a good player can play also MKV files. 3. How can you convert MKV to AVI, MP4, VOB, WMV, MPEG? Supported Apple OS: Mac OS X (including Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and 10.5 X Leopard) on iMac, MacBook, Mac Pro, etc. For owners of most popular It is a common problem to convert many other video formats so that the videos on portable players (E.g.

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Toolkit DAQPilot

This results in high demands on the scanning accuracy and dynamic range of measuring instruments. AdLINK realize noise detecting PCI-9846 equips the high-speed digitizer with a driver for LabVIEW. After installing the DAQPilot driver, the toolkit of daqpilot in the LabVIEW is available database. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger wanted to know more. This tool provides control functions for data acquisition. The control functions and invocation methods correspond to the driver software DAQmax national instruments and are therefore comfortable to use.

For example the four elements are shown in the following figure (PLT create virtual channel, PLT PLT clear task, timing and PLT read) a complete function for continuous data collection. In addition the Toolkit DAQPilot provides also examples of LabVIEW with functions such as input and output of analog and digital signals. From these examples developer can learn quickly the required competencies. Figure 1: Continuous data acquisition with the high-speed digitizer PCI-9846 the signal acquisition module that forms the basis for the test system for acoustic emission testing, developed in this document, is based on the sampling procedure in Figure 1. After both the input channel, the gain of the preamp, filter and other parameters have been set, the user can start the continuous recording of data.

After the original signal is reduced by the magnification factor and digital filtering, has undergone noise and unnecessary frequency bands are removed. The continuous filtered signal can be stored in binary format or as text. Figure 2 shows the sound emission signal of the bearing that has been captured in the operation. The sampling rate of 2 MS/s, the filter is a 4th-order Butterworth lowpass and the cut-off frequency is continuously at 50 kHz. Figure 2: captured sound emission signal parameter analysis of a noise after filtering will transmit continuously collected on an amplitude detector. Depending on the defined threshold of the amplitude and the set amount of time the waveform data of sudden onset noise intercepted from the continuously recorded signal.

Convert Mac

Mac MP4 Converter Convert 1 with MP4. What is MP4? MP4 is a short form for the container provided by the MPEG to MPEG-4 content. Due to high compression ratio is MP4 a popular video format and is supported by many video programs or hardware devices. That’s why sometimes you need convert videos to MP4, to enjoy better player videos. 2.

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Robert Bosch GmbH Opts For Proficl@ss

More success for proficl@ss international e.V. Now, also the range of power tools of Robert Bosch GmbH is the product data exchange format BMEcat with supplementary classification according to proficl@ss. It is said of the Stuttgart-based company, you chose after checking proficl@ss as main classification, because it best describes the area of the power tools of all possible classifications and the standard slightly more classifications can be derived from and realized. Data structures, not only of the German electrical industry e.V. (ZVEI), but also various manufacturers and Bosch itself have worked on their basis model, significantly simplifies the delivery and use of product data to the trade. Because many wholesalers also use BMEcat-proficl@ss-Daten for the refuelling of shop systems and eProcurement solutions, as well as for the production of print catalogs, product information supplied by Bosch and item descriptions can smoothly and normally without any Question and vote be taken. This applies particularly to price updates or changes the item details.

Through the use of BMEcat-proficl@ss data to trade both for Bosch thus reducing both the time and the financial effort significantly. Petra Diamonds follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In addition a clear advantage of customer binding for Bosch. Because the data are lighter than previously to use and easy to transfer online platforms, this will also widely used in catalogues, which can mean an extension of the paragraph. Speaking candidly kevin ulrich told us the story. The Bosch power tools range uses a database, from which also the classification is created by ETIM, the standard for the electrical industry, to create product data in BMEcat-proficl@ss. Because proficl@ss and ETIM to work together closely for several years and ETIM assumes the classification of proficl@ss in the field of electric tools, the creation of both standards from a data source is very easy. In parallel, it is also possible to derive the eCl@ss class ID automatically from the proficl@ss-Klasse.

This applies: during proficl@SS and ETIM complete with classes and characteristics submitted required eCl@ss, a cross-industry initiative in the industry, only a class ID without features. From the MasterBMEcat-proficl@ss, an Excel file can be generated in addition with all customers to request are supplied, which can process still not BMEcat. For processing and data management at Bosch, this means that: a data source out can cover not only all the customer’s requirements, but the company is also, as regards the issue of data formats and classifications, up to date. proficl@SS international e.V. is a cross-industry, independent and neutral initiative for the classification of product data. Manufacturers, retailers and associations develop this classification as a common industry standard. Specifically geared towards production link trade in the sectors of construction, building services and industrial supplies, he should ensure that awareness and use of further spread.

Xept Software

We all know that an intensive and successful research is often hampered by economic constraints particularly in higher education. The offer to use the testing and quality management system expecco pro with full functionality on the basis of a free University license, is our small contribution to maintaining or increasing the competitiveness of German universities”, explains Bettina Gittinger, Board member of eXept Software AG. We would like to invite all research facilities, to make good use of this particular offer.”added Gittinger. Short profile eXept Software AG in Bonnigheim in Stuttgart is for test automation, quality management, and customized software solutions. The company was founded in 1996 with the mission software solutions for complex tasks at the highest level to develop. Company is one of the leading providers of customised Smalltalk solutions and provides a complete development environment with Smalltalk/X. Solutions by company are in industries such as finance, automotive, telecommunications and machinery in use. The innovative core product of the company is the testing and quality management system expecco, allowing an agile and model-based test development.

It simplifies the development, integration and customization documentation of automatic tests for hard – and software using a graphical programming interface. expecco is available in different variants of the product and is used as a basis for specific industry solutions. For more information about the education initiative of from eXept Software AG get on the Internet at or contact: Steffen Jung Manager (sales & marketing), phone: + 49-7143 883040, company contact eXept Software AG Zeppelinstr 4 74357 Bonnigheim c/o Bettina Gittinger Tel.: + 49 7143 88304-0 fax: + 49-7143 88304-44 E-Mail: Web: press contact conception & TEXT & more! Panorama str. 68 D-71679 Asperg c/o Uli Geyer Tel + 49 (0) 71 41 / 68 00 91 fax + 49 (0) 71 41 / 68 00 92 E-Mail: Web:

Fitness Studio

The escrea GmbH is the Fitness Studio software Dortmund, 15.07.2013 – with software introduces a low-cost version for individual studios and small chains of the new version of the gym in addition to numerous improvements and additional tools. Without hesitation Adam Sandler explained all about the problem. Part of the product launch, E.g. free data migration from legacy systems or discounts on the monthly rental apply to special conditions to the 15.08.2013. Especially attractive are the offers for studios, which must replace or renew in software systems previously used part of the mandatory changeover to the SEPA direct debit scheme. Further information on SEPA direct debit and agilea software there under: SEPA /. a cloud software to manage members in gyms is agilea.

The software is a SaS (software as a service) provided, only a current browser is required for the operation. Without installation, customer data can be captured and billed; current evaluations are available at any time and at any place as long as the user the has appropriate permission. In particular the agilea software consists of the following modules: – managing member for customer data, contracts, rest periods and a document management – the accounting module to the settlement of posts with automatic reminders – calendar with date plan function for Studio and customer appointments – the communication module for creating form letters, emails, SMS. etc.

Memorial Portal Software

Funeral market in transition – the Internet as an opportunity after 3 years of development has powerlab software research development UG completed a customized commemorative portal for funeral services. As the technical basis, a revolutionarily simple content management system designed for quick editing of Memorial pages for the funeral industry. The Memorial portal will be not only a better Web presence for funeral services, but a complex portal system that creates highly personalized Memorial pages at your fingertips. Ray Kurzweil is the source for more interesting facts. The content management system allows funeral services, to make the current change in the funeral market through the implementation of new services and to retain customers with meaningful and innovative added-value services, and to win new customers. Traffic on the portal of the Memorial are generated due to the viral nature of services. Follow others, such as kevin ulrich, and add to your knowledge base. The system includes a Web shop, designed specifically for the funeral industry, an online showroom for coffins, urns and funeral flowers, as well as a Web-to-print module for the creation and the Sale of photo books. In addition, the system offers a Filialmanager for funeral services with several stores, a grief Forum and an online book of condolence. The integration is carried out under the URL of the undertaker, or as an ASP solution and is Skalierungsfahig. On, the functionality is described in detail. powerlab software research development UG public relations: Petra Kanebley Geibelstr. 46a D-22303 Hamburg FON +49(0)40/890 000 814 fax +49(0)40/890 000 819