Windows Vista

On the same configuration under Windows xp was the same 9950 figure of parrots. So the difference in performance given the high interface settings – in around 1%! So why scare gamers? Part Six. Games and Vista. "New broom >> Just at the time of installation, I whiled away the evening (passing in the night) for: stalker (2007); Infernal (2007); FlatOut2 (2006); Sniper Elite (2005). At them and decided to go check out the work with the new version of Windows. The fact that immediately caught my eye: stalker looks much prettier and more impressive, most likely because of the support for DirectX 10, which is integrated into Vista. However, I have met before in the network mention that under Vista it has a tendency to "fail>> to occur frequently emissions in the system, etc.

After 5 minutes of the game, after an attempt to quickly save, really spewed into the system. On Windows xp Pro SP2 this was not observed; Infernal – without any problems and prettier; FlatOut2 – without any problems; Sniper Elite – no problems. Part Seven. Epilogue. "What do we >> So, what can be said as a result: Virtually certain that most users will install Windows Vista will not cause any difficulties. A large number of masters, it is easy to see the information, simple menus, descriptive information (!) facilitate and simplify the setting – a problem with it, too, will not.

The process of working with various applications, photos, videos – enjoyable. Not fast, but absolutely not slow. Very precisely fit the floor "Smooth>>. I could not tell for sure. In games on Vista not seen specific slowdowns, but there are some problems (STALKER), which is expected in the near future will be resolved with the help of patches. So if you have a computer that meets the requirements of Vista (more here), then the specific reasons for the delay, in principle, no. I am sure, after upgrading to Vista, you'll discover for yourself, no pleasant and a new quality. Well, maybe, before it did go up end stalker!