Consumer Electronics Show

What today there are areas of 3D-technology? You can highlight the main: 3D-video industry (including 3D-cinema), it promises soon to appear 3D-TV, and 3D-computer game. Development 3D-TV promises great prospects. Held last year in Las Vegas CES 2009 (International Consumer Electronics Show – International Exhibition for Consumer Electronics) has demonstrated that today in the global electronic market already has a variety of 3D-image technology. It became known that already exist on the date HD-TVs, capable of taking three-dimensional image, but in this case need to rewrite software. In particular, firms Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, LG Announce Launch of TV models with support for 3D. In the next few years will be the introduction and development of 3D-TV technology. Several large companies and TV channels announced his timbers to be pioneers in this field.

The American TV DirectTV organize the world’s first 3D-broadcasts and movies. The first session is scheduled for March 2010. 2011 will be opened 3D-TV channel Discovery Communications, which will conduct round the clock broadcasting. This channel should be the result of collaboration between the Discovery Channel with Sony Corporation and the Canadian company IMAX, which is the developer of the same name format Movies and cinemas. On this channel you’ll see scientific educational programs on plant and animal kingdoms, and space exploration, so you can see documentary films of other areas, adventure show, and various children’s programs. Simultaneously with the decision to launch Discovery on 3D-TV, said cable sports channel ESPN, which is a corporation Walt Disney. It is planned to broadcast a three-dimensional image 85 sporting events. In general, What is now clear that 3D-TV has unlimited prospects for development, and in the future it is possible to complete the transition to 3D broadcasting.

We can say that the hardware 3D-industry, now ready to move into the next, more higher dimension. Today, this area needs to develop interesting content for consumers – three-dimensional films, computer games, television. But if you look at the sector of 3D-video industry, we can see that leading studios annually produce several paintings that are compatible with the 3D-displays. In particular, this studio Pixar, which is already planned to release more than a dozen animated 3D-films, and Disney, in turn, promised that in Soon, all manufactured by Pixar and video products, will be suitable for viewing on a 3D-screens. In the market of computer games, the situation is very optimistic – 3D-system NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision is compatible with a lot already produced projects and those games that will go in the future, virtually all will be adapted to the third dimension. Futuresight.