Industrial Revolution

Soon a great commercial interest for the net appeared and was there then that its great expansion happened. Currently the Internet is a set with more than 40 a thousand nets and respecting the original conception a central point does not exist, that is, a center of command of the Internet. Today the Internet is considered by many theoreticians of the communication, or a so more important phenomenon for the humanity how much to the Industrial Revolution. Today one becomes possible to affirm that the Internet became the lesser world. According to last research on e-commerce, the commercial success of the net she demonstrates that some companies already possess representative sales through its Websites. 1.3.3PRINCIPAIS SERVICES OF the INTERNET the Internet possesss some services for its users, who can simultaneously be used.

The site: it detaches the following ones: WWW? graphical environment? E-mail? it sends of messages and archives? Newsgroup? or groups of discurso? Chat? it beats papos? Electronic commerce 1.3.4ESTATISTICAS AND NUMBERS Statistics is a study that it aims at to identify select groups, carrying through one analyzes complete on one ‘ ‘ atmosfera’ ‘ desired. According to IBGE, is an occurrence of an event, that can be defined a priori, in one determined joint one. For a bigger demonstration of the numbers on the Internet, to follow the 1.4 will be displayed some data in Tables of 1.1. Table 1.1?