It is time that the world stop staining of human blood, because of the man himself, and erase all traces of masked slavery from the face of the Earth. Freedom must shake hands with peace, common sense should prevail in every corner of the world and culture should impose harmony. Jobs with dignity and respect requires people, not exploitation or disguised slavery. All come to this world to give the best of ourselves, to seek a more equitable world, but on the way, take away our human love and solidarity, and we become insensitive to the pain of others. In the neoliberal system, the poor poorer and the rich richer they become. They forget that nobody is born to work dead of hunger. We have to say enough! to a deceptive democracy that only serves the interests of large corporations and that in its interpretation, no longer mean what they literally means: sovereignty and power of the people.

The liberal economic system which is imposed, removes the illusion of living poor, deletes them future and full of despair. Life is Bella, they might say many, but added misery, becomes horrible. He that sows winds harvest storms, says a popular proverb, and we are already seeing storms of inconformismos everywhere, which has sown the wild capitalism that prevails in the world. We are turning the world into an inhospitable place, with masses of embobados slaves of the emerging technology, where favors money as a sole purpose, regardless of anything else, nor the depredation of the environment. I.e., the meaning of the evolution is being lost. Finally, I am of those who they believed, that developed countries have every right to wealth and feel great, if they want to: powerful; but poor countries also have right to live with them in peace, with dignity, and above all, participate for the benefit of that wealth, because ultimately, the wealth of the world, it is all, but tell me otherwise.

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16? Whatever is the amount of time that takes him to the body to aborber an essential oil through the skin l$p. 17? Because it is extremely important to use essential oils you will carry to dilute l$p. 22? What is the only oil that only must be used per short periods of time l$p. 29? The plant that can be found in hundreds of different versions, but of which 10 only produce the essential oil with medicinal properties l$p. 33? If you suffer of insomnia, this it is a verified remedy that helped to solve to this problem of effective and safe way you l$p. 36? Beneficial the essential oil whose composed desinflamatorio but especially for gastrointestinal problems – it is only generated during his extraction and one is not in the original plant (Therefore, he is not the same to use the plant that the essential oil of her) pag 44? The oil that combines furthermore with the majority of other oils and potentialises its properties l$p.

36? As the aromatherapy can help the children (ace) who suffer of hyperactivity l$p. 44? What is the oil that due to its high cost in its pure form the majority of the times is sold mixed with other oils of similar aroma l$p. 46? Including like main ingredient in the majority of products of dental hygiene since its main component is that it gives the sensation of freshness – l$p. 50? and much, much more the course " It discovers the Aromaterapia" it is an electronic book in format Acrobat pdf, which you can read with software Acrobat Reader (which surely already you have installed) from the comfort and privacy of your personal computer. That way, you can begin to only read this exclusive course in a few minutes after acquiring it, and you do not have to pay any cost of shipment or to hope until it arrives at your house, furthermore you can acquire it to much smaller price. Click to enter but details original Author and source of the article here.