The Auto

Disease is an impairment of the life force or the life forces by pathogenic stimuli DIS-harmony, UN equal weight (homeostasis). Visible signs of the disease are Auto- healing reactions of vitality on the charms of such disease. The Auto- healing power of nature -. “vis medicatrix naturae” – and the life force are one, if not the same. Any therapeutic action of the physician as any self treatment by the patient to support the individual life force self instead of foreign designed. Dr. Mitchell Resnick brings even more insight to the discussion. Source:, excerpt; Author note But belief in religions and cults etc. Despite the 2000 years enlightenment, reformation and humanism, there are still people who in all education spirit healers, shamans and Woodoo wizards etc Chase and absorb the wisdom of their pseudo, while they leave their purses and mind and responsible thinking and trade! You can commute, place cards and track your horoscope. Many people feel there is warmer than for example in Christianity.

Why? Because the faith positively affects the limbic reward Center. The faith and the spiritual world of the experience touches the soul (psyche). Mitchel Resnick has similar goals. The logic is emotionless. Talk time with einer(m) so deluded. Note even the most non-sense or spirit scientific quickly, as it Claims, as long as interpreted to until he fits their mentally infantile instability and her obsessive-compulsive neuroses. As tradition, religion and politics are still Christian (Ireland, Palestine, Spain, Third Reich, Gulag, inquisition, etc.) and Islamist murderers (9/11 (2001): the twin towers, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan) as murder law productions. Development: Nature religions is changed to book religions.

Ecclesiastical rulers were voted out by elected parliaments. In the last centuries, individual companies with the new human rights and the dignity of people (instead of honor and shame in clan societies) sakularisierten. The man himself has, alone because he is man (humanism). You are not granted by a Government.

The Solar

Other components: support structure: is the part of the team that supports the photovoltaic panel. Normally they are manufactured from anodized aluminum, several photovoltaic modules are placed in it. This structure must be grounded electrically, must withstand winds that occur in the area of installation, so your Foundation is must be suitable. Electrical connection and protection elements: the PV array is connected directly to a switch on off of the system, and this is connected to the pump controller, since the controller connects the solar pump, the sizing of the caliber of the cable duct that goes to the pump is important since for standard voltage drop must not be greater than 3%the cable should be the proper gauge submersible type, proper bonding with the submersible pump must use gaskets Thermo contractile to ensure tightness on the power line. Incorporates a system of protection against atmospheric discharges and Lands system, both in the electric part as the structure. Driver: There are drivers with Visual cues of the functioning of the system that can incorporate a storage tank level switch, this driver also allows you to add different energy sources to pump as they can be wind power or even a conventional electric generator to gasoline or diesel in this way may have a system hybrid pumping. Pipes: Water conduction pipes ranging from pump to the storage tank, diameters and materials of the pipe depends on the quantity of water pumped, travel distance, materials used tend to be PVC pipe, black hose i.d 80 or galvanized pipe.

Depending on the terrain where feed water tubing is recommended burying it by the least fifty centimeters to avoid possible leaks due to the deterioration of the material for sun exposure, damage to them by animals or transit of vehicles, etc. Storage tank: the storage tank is the place where the water is deposited until it is consumed. It is recommended to store enough water for the consumption of at least three days, in the case of any possible maintenance of the equipment. If there are several points of consumption we recommend placing the storage tank so that the gravity which is responsible for the distribution.

Contemporary Society

There is no doubt that significant progress in the development of devices photographies, copying, printing, imaging and computer technology has had a profound impact on the vostrebovannsti works of art in the modern society. If you would like to know more then you should visit futurist. With the appropriate computer processing of digital images with subsequent excretion in print, you can simulate a variety of techniques of fine art and even an oil painting on canvas. Numerous photo-studios and salons offer for sale of paintings repoduktsii in decorated form, giving the appearance of real paintings. We also offer services to create portraits of this type, including including collages, paintings combining painting, depicting people in old clothes, with a particular person's head. The level of prices for these services is often lower counterparts offered by professional artists realist movement.

One gets the impression that the work of an artist to create a traditional portrait or landscape is losing its relevance, but is it true? First of all I would like to note that any computer image-processing technology all the same can not live without human intervention. Computer programs in the hands of someone with artistic flair – it's the same tools as brush or pencil. Many artists mastered the work on the computer as an auxiliary to his work. But they are hardly something that can replace a live arts. Oil painting on canvas, performed by a professional artist – it netuskneyuschaya the value of preserving the captured scenes for a long time. Visiting a museum or exhibition we can see the artistic works created centuries ago, bringing us to the appearance and life of people living in that distant era.

Oil painting has proved its durability and proven. When working on a painting the artist, as opposed to a computer, brings a part of his soul, his creative style. This is important from the very beginning, when create a project, sketch pictures and important elements of a future harmonious skompanovat works. If you create a portrait, the artist reveals the positive traits in a person's appearance, softening and leveling the negative and disharmonious. Even if you want to create a portrait from the photo, a good artist creatively approaches the task and create a work of high aesthetic level. Landscapes by the artist's hand, also contain unique architectural style, beautifully displaying the state of nature, immerse the viewer in the space of the picture. Oil on canvas portrait – classical, Keep it up properly transmit a unique appearance person, capable to preserve it and to convey to future generations. This portrait of dignified grace the interior. Introducing an element of prestige, he is able to make a lasting vnechatlenie on the viewer. Against the background technical progress are artistic creativity does not lose its value and worth and will continue to bring joy to generations of people of contemplation.


review pollution monitoring and proactive maintenance practices and recommend their improvements. Check the specifications of use of lubricants and setting standards for acquisition and reception of these. To propose ways of integrating the monitoring of oils with other techniques and current practices for maintenance of the organization. Propose personnel training needs and prepare the documentation of procedures or manuals of operation. When the audit is completed, a detailed report of what was found and becomes the recommendations of actions of high profit. The Organization must then begin the process of turning these recommendations into specific action plans, with its corresponding detail and task allocation.

The designed program must include; some modifications to equipment and facilities required, investment and installation in circuits of purification, equipment of monitoring and points of testing, design and plan of monitoring, software acquisition and management of the data of monitoring for proactive and predictive maintenance actions, actions of control over standard specifications and procedures and monitoring necessary to maintain the objective condition of equipment and lubricants. b) transferring and training to the appropriate procedure: when the Tribology of a production plant condition is required at its highest level, through a programme of management in lubrication, the teaching and training of personnel in this not be dodged. Training is a critical element in any process of change. Instruction and training In Situ, when taught professionally, generates confidence in the process and understanding of its causes and immediate and future goals. Insofar as maintenance specialists possess clarity and understanding regarding the planned changes, including its purpose, goals and objectives, are able to achieve its mission. The credibility of the training programmes is vital, especially if it requires profound changes for the new program. This training should be strongly supported by external specialists, in addition to incorporating an independent perspective to the classroom, introducing experiences from other companies and He serves as a consultant.

Morales Milohnic

Against that background, the word comes out stronger, because it is salvation, not drown, because it has the ability to see, even in the blindness. The word is an unstoppable power. The poetics of Andres Morales delves into the mysteries of his own words, in his dazzling and, from there, deploys its own semantic and semiotic, fields to go discovering i.e. to be read, to be listening to hunger is the word, the law of every day. In the poetry of the Chilean author there are constructions of Anthology: the cell key / it is forgetting or memory bites as a tied beast.

Is a kind of constant its directionality bisemica, where the only truth is that us denies. This attitude implies a separation of frames actanciales, as lyrical subject and predicate, so history would not rewrite it () in the defeat. That resounding spirit is a Groove in the what of all nothing, nor air, nor a poem: / all were going direct to slaughter. In my opinion, the end of this verse is a species of recolectivo system. Its scope is a semantic missile. It is a sort of intrinsic struggle with the word. Perhaps save us the word. It is possible.

The word is the word. It is always necessary, because as sentenced Sophocles say a Word will say it all. In my most recent book of poetry have included the following epigraph of Andrew: is not the end of anything. / Only the shame of one who is not silent. It is my commitment with its extraordinary poetic quality and loyal status as humanist, and visionary art. The ghostly box of an ORB in war from its very existence is a topic of great expressive depth facing Morales Milohnic honestly eyes, these eyes are always tired / see and not see so much horror. The planet reaches hyperbolic 14,000 wars, where the desolation, cannibalism and death have had expressions of negation of human quality.

Tattoo Templates

Many people wear today in all kinds of designs: large, small, narrow, wide, plain or colorful tattoos. Previously they were seen drawing a reluctant, mostly carried prisoners and other "heavy guys", but now they have become the trend especially among young people. The inspiration should be no limits. Each sample, sign, symbol, but also every object which can be put on paper, can be engraved as a tattoo. In this process, with a needle that is connected to a paint gun, pigments, moved under the skin, the needle per second, about 30 to 40 times penetrates under the skin and releases with each stitch paint.

In tattoo studios are usually found several folders or books with many different tattoo templates. They usually contain a variety of designs for tattoos. Especially popular are: Tribal Tattoos Celtic Tattoos Dragon Tattoos Chinese characters representational motifs images of course but people also have the opportunity to own Templates bring and be tatovieren this behavior. Normally, the Tatovierer takes but first small changes to their own template to optimize the image, the writing, photography, etc. for the tattoo. Often, patterns and drawings are the specially-designed templates to small and delicate, in order later on the skin and visible even after several years clearly recognizable.

In such a case must be closed and the customer, a compromise between Tatovierer bezgl. of the change and the final version of the motif. Finally, if a suitable image found, it is with a special ink is applied to mirror a particular paper and finally transferred the outline onto the skin. On these contours can the Tatovierer orient the stitches and if necessary, then they fill with color. Due to the prevalence of Tatovierungen, most people moved on to their personal wishes and ideas in Tattoos installed in order to have a very individual body jewelry.

Workshops Mechanics

Do you need to sort a pile of papers and invoices that have weeks on your desktop? Does tea it is hard keeping up-to-date records of your orders and customers? Then you should know that the use of software to manage mechanical workshops will help you relieve all your problems and will save you time and money in the process. You won’t lose money on your automotive repairer because of disorganization. Whether concerned organize Office or maintain best record of your inventory, this program to manage mechanical workshops will put in order all these tasks, since repair of vehicles up to the Organization of the Office. He spends less time on paperwork and more time with your customers and increases the productivity of your mechanical workshop with this powerful tool. Time is essential, with the use of this program, you save several hours of work every day and you’ll have all the information of your available garage immediately. This product offers several levels of functionality that conform to mechanical workshops ranging from the more small to large businesses such as franchises. With the purchase of this software, you have an excellent support team that will resolve your doubts and will be there for when you need it. The support included in the price to ensure the complete satisfaction of customers. No matter the problem, the support team will help you to resolve it quickly. The design of this program makes it very easy to handle without neglecting the needs of the industry of Automotive Repairers, so it is recognized both by children as well as for large mechanical workshops. This program integrates all the functionality usually mechanical workshops found in various types of programme separately, you have everything you need in one package, so you’ll be able to learn and master it more quickly. If you want to put your machine shop at the height of the first level workshops, I recommend that you use this excellent tool. Original author and source of the article.

Acrobat Reader

16? Whatever is the amount of time that takes him to the body to aborber an essential oil through the skin l$p. 17? Because it is extremely important to use essential oils you will carry to dilute l$p. 22? What is the only oil that only must be used per short periods of time l$p. 29? The plant that can be found in hundreds of different versions, but of which 10 only produce the essential oil with medicinal properties l$p. 33? If you suffer of insomnia, this it is a verified remedy that helped to solve to this problem of effective and safe way you l$p. 36? Beneficial the essential oil whose composed desinflamatorio but especially for gastrointestinal problems – it is only generated during his extraction and one is not in the original plant (Therefore, he is not the same to use the plant that the essential oil of her) pag 44? The oil that combines furthermore with the majority of other oils and potentialises its properties l$p.

36? As the aromatherapy can help the children (ace) who suffer of hyperactivity l$p. 44? What is the oil that due to its high cost in its pure form the majority of the times is sold mixed with other oils of similar aroma l$p. 46? Including like main ingredient in the majority of products of dental hygiene since its main component is that it gives the sensation of freshness – l$p. 50? and much, much more the course " It discovers the Aromaterapia" it is an electronic book in format Acrobat pdf, which you can read with software Acrobat Reader (which surely already you have installed) from the comfort and privacy of your personal computer. That way, you can begin to only read this exclusive course in a few minutes after acquiring it, and you do not have to pay any cost of shipment or to hope until it arrives at your house, furthermore you can acquire it to much smaller price. Click to enter but details original Author and source of the article here.