The Solar

Other components: support structure: is the part of the team that supports the photovoltaic panel. Normally they are manufactured from anodized aluminum, several photovoltaic modules are placed in it. This structure must be grounded electrically, must withstand winds that occur in the area of installation, so your Foundation is must be suitable. Electrical connection and protection elements: the PV array is connected directly to a switch on off of the system, and this is connected to the pump controller, since the controller connects the solar pump, the sizing of the caliber of the cable duct that goes to the pump is important since for standard voltage drop must not be greater than 3%the cable should be the proper gauge submersible type, proper bonding with the submersible pump must use gaskets Thermo contractile to ensure tightness on the power line. Incorporates a system of protection against atmospheric discharges and Lands system, both in the electric part as the structure. Driver: There are drivers with Visual cues of the functioning of the system that can incorporate a storage tank level switch, this driver also allows you to add different energy sources to pump as they can be wind power or even a conventional electric generator to gasoline or diesel in this way may have a system hybrid pumping. Pipes: Water conduction pipes ranging from pump to the storage tank, diameters and materials of the pipe depends on the quantity of water pumped, travel distance, materials used tend to be PVC pipe, black hose i.d 80 or galvanized pipe.

Depending on the terrain where feed water tubing is recommended burying it by the least fifty centimeters to avoid possible leaks due to the deterioration of the material for sun exposure, damage to them by animals or transit of vehicles, etc. Storage tank: the storage tank is the place where the water is deposited until it is consumed. It is recommended to store enough water for the consumption of at least three days, in the case of any possible maintenance of the equipment. If there are several points of consumption we recommend placing the storage tank so that the gravity which is responsible for the distribution.

Sony Introduces Google

Sony has introduced its line of HDTVs (HD) with the application Google TV which is a Google software which is designed so that spectators and viewers can with quietness and perfection web browsing while enjoying your favorite show and is as easy to operate as the use of navigators GPS and types of technologies like these. Users can also download applications to their TVs. These products go on the market on November 12 and come with screens ranging from 24 inches to 46 inches. There will be four models of TVs Sony Google TV, 24, 32, 40 and 46 inches in size. Prices of four smaller is known approximately, but not for the TV.

From the 32 inch TV will cost $1,300, $1,500 and $1,900 dollars respectively. This new technology refers to new types of network topologies where image is completely mixed with the information in search of a real unity between the TV and the Internet where you may encontrrar basic the network applications such as e-mail, instant messaging and all possible communications on the Internet, all from a remote control in their hands. Thus any of the network marketing they need be able access it in a fast and easy way. With this method of navigation on the web applied to new technologies provides an ease of access afunciones diverse as actions and bank transactions, shopping, entertainment and anything else that you can think that you can possibly need this new platform gives you access.