The Netbios

With relation the main advantages of the Netbios protocol RFC 1001 (1987) cites, that it does not need centered management, allows operations with the Internet and minimizes the active number of diffusion. In the first aspect, centered management, for if dealing with a used standard for the Micrososft nets the implemented Netbios already this and does not require no effort technician for its functioning. In if treating to allow to operations for the Internet the process alone ‘ must function with the one presence; ‘ gateway’ ‘ . The Netbios estimates that diffusion services are only supported by protocols UDP and therefore the justification of the use of the diffusion in consideration to the use protocol UDP that Kurose (2005, p 146) defines as a service that to provide the solicitant application a not trustworthy service, not guided for connection (it does not need to only establish, to manage and to close connections, having that to transmit given), that is, as she will not be necessary to confirmation of sending and act of receiving of packages in the net the traffic is reduced. For the sending and act of receiving of the data the Netbios defines a name for each resource in the net and for RFC 1001 (1987) it possesss some attributes, enters a name space. The name space only allows sixteen alphanumeric characters, being the last used character to identify to the resource or service the one that if the computer is relating.

It does not have to initiate with asterisk. It can represent one alone computer or a group of computers (the existence of names duplicates in the net disables the communication with the resource). An example of a NetBios resource is the component Sharing of archives and printer for Microsoft nets, in a computer that belongs the Windows family.