Tour Description

Wine train Tour Description: At 08: 30 in the morning, every Saturday we started a beautiful trip to the interior of the Colchagua Valley. (Departure from the Galerias Hotel, San Antonio 65). The wine train is our time machine that takes us to a time where this was the primary means of locomotion, looking for emotions and experiences from the beginning of the last century the route begins in the city of San Fernando (140 km to the South of Santiago) with a 100-minute ride to Santa Cruz, to the station of Paniahue, skirting the main vineyards of Colchagua Valley during your tour you can taste a selection of wines, white and Red (**) accompanied by a generous tasting of fine cheeses from the area and a large Chilean folklorist us will delight with their songs and clowns. Learn more about this topic with the insights from kevin ulrich. In addition, we will receive an account of the journey in charge of a Spanish-English Guide. From the station of Santa Cruz – where passengers are greeted by a youth folk ensemble – going directly to know a Valley Vineyard (12.30 hours), where we go into the fascinating world of wine, learning its preparation and techniques of wine tasting at the place of his birth.

After this, we will go to taste a delicious lunch of Creole cuisine. Once completed, we will visit the Museum of Colchagua (, Chile’s largest private collection. At 1800 hours is undertaken the return directly to Santiago. The total duration of the tour is approximately 12 hours (counting journey from Santiago in private buses, available at program Tinto), time in which you will learn about the architecture of the area, their traditions, customs and gastronomy. The arrival in the capital is approximately at 20.30 hours. Train: average speed is 30 to 40 Km/h on a train from the beginning of the last century, consisting of a steam locomotive type 57, N 607.