Virtual Labs

There competition, who will receive the above estimate, and get all estimates. Therefore, every lesson labor discipline, and not under duress teacher. Student once distracted, it works and at the end of a lesson for the work will necessarily evaluate Everyone works in an individual mode, this is the main cause of high discipline and increased students' interest in this form of training. Students often ask teachers to give them the opportunity to learn a new lesson on their own theme on the computer for the electronic textbook. Student is offered a lot of material that all work out in class is impossible, but it's interesting. Therefore, students are asked teachers to put them to this electronic textbook on its home computers.

What a pleasure to do. The most common topics or themes for a repeat can be given to an independent study at home on electronic textbooks. And the lesson given 5-10 minutes to check e / space for answers to tests different levels. What is important when demands are rising as the number of hours for teaching the subject decreases. Other tier tests allow the student correctly assess their knowledge and skills and gradually climb above. Virtual Labs can be replayed and the house that develops the skills level of students. Students are much more likely to ask questions about homework, ie, interest in the subject increases. Students accustomed to the test, learn to compare, analyze, and learn to choose the most correct answer.

What is very important for the future of ct. According to test results during the lesson the teacher begins to see someone from students need individual support and assistance as he may all involved individually. When the correct organization of work on the computer the students there is no possibility of cheating, which teaches students to think, think, look for an answer, etc. Students who chose use come with requests to give them an electronic textbook for self-repetition, and study the physics of the house. In the future, using these electronic textbooks, I will the possibility of distance learning physics (eg, during cold weather when schools are closed or during the flu epidemic, etc.).