Windows 7

Probably any of the existing operating systems, developers do not put so much work, how much invested in Windows 7. This system has all the advantages of earlier versions and revolutionary innovations. And on our website, we will learn the basics work in Windows 7 and its applications. Also keep in mind that many users have decided to go to the Windows Vista operating system and all its innovations, which have remained in the 'Seven' will be for them a novelty. And we must all say, that all the problems that have been in Vista for Windows 7 is not available. And she is not 'greedy' computer resources.

Windows 7 has a simple and reliable operating system, XP, all new Visty. And a lot of nice new features. But this later. For different user groups, Microsoft has launched several versions of Windows 7. They differ in the range of possibilities and, consequently, cost. Let's consider comparative performance editions of Windows 7.

There are five versions of Windows 7: Windows 7 Home, Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate". This list of issues ranked in order of increasing functionality (and value). Simpler versions of Windows 7 are obtained by cutting capabilities of the full publication, available to a wide range of users, – Windows 7 Ultimate". Windows7 Home." This version is the simplified version of Windows 7. Its main goal – to use as a pre-installed operating system on a netbook. In this version you can not change the desktop background, there is no interface Aero, is not supported by the system automatically generate backups on other computers on the LAN, there is no program Windows Media Center, Notes, Scissors. It is clear that this was done to the price of notebooks with Windows 7 is not too high. Windows 7 Home Basic." This basic version of Windows 7 targeted at home users, computers which are not very powerful. As in Windows 7 Start ', it does not support style Aero, as well as some multimedia features. Windows 7 Home Premium." This version is also designed for home users, but it has a support interface Aero. But still there is no system of automatic backup to other computers on the local network. You also can not control your PC remotely. Windows 7 Professional." This version includes all the features of Windows 7 Home Premium", plus the ability to attach a computer-controlled version entitled to corporate LAN with support for domain names, as well as remote desktop management and support for data encryption technologies BitLocker. Windows 7 Ultimate" and Windows 7 Enterprise." These versions are one and the same product but with different names. All the difference lies only in the fact that Windows 7 Ultimate" is designed for a wide audience of users, a Windows 7 Enterprise" is available only for a special corporate license. These products combine all the features mentioned above plus additional features. For example, the new technology of data protection (encryption BitLocker That Go), all the language packs BranchCache technology to speed access to large corporate network, ramdisk support. Source: