Working conditions, such conditions of packaging production, replacing the old image of the smoky "foundry." In this way, get the casting of iron and steel of all kinds, bronze, brass and aluminum foundry all brands. In the box on the "Christmas tree or a bush" may immediately pour tens of castings, as in the jewelry industry, with almost exquisite accuracy. Up to 90% of castings can be used without subsequent machining. The technology is very economical in comparison with the traditional. At 1 m Casting consume 50 kg of quartz sand, 25 kg antiburning coatings, 6 kg of polystyrene and 10 square meters. m polyethylene film. Low cost of model-forming materials can save at least $ 100 per 1 ton of casting, location Casting the entire volume of container produces 70-80% of suitable casting, the savings of the charge of the metal is 250-300 kg, power – 100-150 kWh, weight of castings is reduced by 10-20% compared to traditional flask molding. Big savings obtained by molding of complex castings from wear-resistant steel (truck parts and caterpillars bronefuterovok, body parts) as sharply reduced the cost of machining.

Pour without restrictions on the design and configuration wheels, stars, heads and engine blocks, pipes of petrol and diesel engines, crankshafts, etc. Capital expenditures for the organization and startup of production are reduced to 2-2.5. The experience of running sites capacity up to 50-150 tonnes / month showed that the payback period of no more than 1.5 years. You can place these areas at the smithy, thermal and repair shops.