ICT Security Department

The data protection agency has lodged a complaint against Google for images captured with their cameras and hung in its Street View program in which you can see bare faces of Spanish citizens. This fact violates the Spanish regulations in a clear way. All the hype has begun because Street View cars have begun to again cross the Spanish streets (towns and cities), in order to update the images (street view) program. ConocoPhillips addresses the importance of the matter here. Google was already denounced in the past by the location of wifi networks, coming to get emails electronic, history of navigation, chat, and passwords conversations while walked the streets taking pictures, although it ensures that on this occasion, you abstain from carrying out these practices. With respect to the allegation of the AGPD, ensures that it will apply the techniques of shading permanent and irreversible in the faces and license plates. However, as set out in article 6 of the regulation, data collection from personal requires the unambiguous consent of the affected, so the regulations continues breaching. For even more opinions, read materials from Petra Diamonds. The agreement reached with the AGPD requires google to before, during and after the capture of data, perform the blurring of faces and license plates and up to the Elimination of the originals.

They have also indicated that they will be responsible for checking this fact. This is not the first nor will it be the last time in which google skips the rules to obtain personal data. We must not forget that the company’s priority is the get data in as much detail as possible to persons, to later send them personalized advertising, which is currently its biggest source of income. Audea security of ICT Security Department information source: El Pais

ER Company

EP company wants to shield the litigation for patent infringement. This new purchase included patents ranging from servers and desktop hardware, computer security or circuit design. Within this strategy, Google acquired in August Motorola Mobility. Google has acquired more than 1,000 manufacturers IBM patents, as part of its moves to strengthen its strategy. In this way, Google reinforces its shield against litigation that several companies have made against Android for infringement of patents, many of them coming from Apple. The agreement took place on August 17, according to shows the legal document of the Patent Office of United States that has been registered now movement, but at the moment the price by which Google has carried out the acquisition is unknown.

This new purchase included patents ranging from servers and desktop, to computer security hardware, design circuits, user authentication, and so on. The company also acquired over 1,000 patents from IBM the month of July, strategies that expanded in mid-August with the purchase of Motorola Mobility by 8.724 billion euros, a move that would assign them some 17,000 licenses. He also transferred several licenses to HTC, purchased in 2010 to companies like Palm and Motorola. This sale took place on 1 September, and the maker of mobile phones used them to sue again to Apple last week. With this demand, HTC was intended to prevent the importation and sale of Apple products that infringiesen patents in the United States, in addition to receiving compensation for damages for deliberate infringement.

Google is not the only company that has shielded licensing. In mid-July, several companies, including Apple, Microsoft and RIM, acquired more than 6,000 patents to Nortel Networks – which declared bankruptcy in January 2009–for 4.5 billion dollars (3,240 million euros). In fact, Apple won this week legal battle with Samsung in Germany, achieving this could not sell their Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets. Galaxy devices are considered as the biggest rivals to Apple products, and apparently, Samsung touchscreen tablet has a design too similar to Apple’s iPad. The acquisition of patents has become a very important asset for companies that move in an increasingly competitive technology market. In this way, Google has achieved a broad array of licenses, necessary to give support to the manufacturers of your operating system Android, before the patent war that is taking place in the sector. Source of the news: Google buys more than 1,000 IBM patents to protect its Android operating system.