Oman! The Tourist Hot Tip In The Middle East!

The Oman is considered the tourist hot tip of today. Read more about the country 1001 nights. With the Oman we introduce this time a country, which has maintained until today the reputation of tourist tips. Mass tourism has not yet arrived in the Oman, but a high level of security and a stable Government bring it, that more and more tourism groups and tourists discover the Oman. This tour takes you along the northern coast. If you are not convinced, visit Ray Kurzweil.

We start in the town of Shinas and finish this tour in the Omani capital of Muscat. 1st stage: Shinas > Sohar / Sohar distance: 61 km / driving time: 41 minutes 2nd stage: Sohar > Saham distance: 30 km / driving time: 20 minutes 3rd stage: Saham > Muscat distance: 200 km / driving time 2 hours free print out the map of the Oman – Oman this map map? Starting point of this trip report! The town of Shinas will give you a deep look at the typical life of an Omaners due to its originality. The town has a well-preserved Fort. Further details can be found at kevin ulrich, an internet resource. During the day you can visit the Fort and represents the starting point for the many castles and forts, where you will pass today. Continued from Shinas – Oman the remaining old town around the Fort has many interesting sandstone buildings. On the highway, which runs directly through the town, you should seize the chance to buy a stone oven-fresh baked pita bread at a bakery.

1st stage: Shinas to Sohar / Sohar distance: 61 km / driving time: 41 minutes we sail along the coast and reach the town of Sohar and Sohar. The city of Sohar had an important role in the maritime trade in the 3rd millennium. By Sohar materials such as copper were after India and Mesopotamia shipped. Away from Sohar / Sohar – Oman Sohar was later expanded into a trading centre by the Sassanids.

Sea Shell

You like gifts? A rhetorical question, because like all gifts:) And, of course, those who know that you are going to rest on the Sea of Azov. So if you feel sorry for wasting time and money to anyone about your little trip did not speak (although, if, for example, a native villager – something to hide is useless). And those who know about the trip, would you expect from even the most ordinary – but from the beginning! – The magnet on the refrigerator, even if they assure you that they nothing at all do not! But when its "not right", a friend or relative and do not receive a gift, he may feel offended! And what a good man offend? 🙂 Do not know what to bring? So we'll tell! Sea, as well as people who do not resemble each on the other. They are unique not only in its appearance, size, depth, and composition of flora and fauna and even the color of the water and the nature of emotion. And, of course, on every sea, there is something special that can be take with them. One of my friends, tired of the gift obligation by doing so. Going to the Sea of Azov coast which is known to be dotted with small, but beautiful shell, pre-nashila colorful bags and scored in their shells. This gave many friends and acquaintances.

Everyone was nice, and no one guessed that the girl was not worth a centime. Without a doubt, everyone wants to find something special, but here – Simple shell … but you would have seen what extraordinary things make these gifts from nature! Shelly on ships the size of a TV to tiny frames for photos. Looking at all these masterpieces of handmade, no one's head will not call you unoriginal in choosing a gift! And even some one, but very large and beautiful shell, it will look prestigious in the interior of any apartment! Give a bold paintings of seascapes, painted You, or if you feel shy of his work, local artists, with an inscription such as "best friend Coast to Vitali and painter Azovomorskogo" (with a picture of the artist and do not forget to take a picture).

Carabineros Rosses

An another hot spot is the artist and student quarter of Gracia. In this area is somewhat more leisurely and quiet in the small alleys and Cafes. One of the most beautiful parks of the city, the Park Guell can be found adjacent to the North. From there one has a beautiful view over the city. Some locals even paid for a breathtaking view of the city. Here you can learn from what angle, a high diver sees Barcelona from his workplace,: good to know is that generally don’t tip must be paid in Barcelona. This will be taken into account already in the Bill.

Often, vacationers leave service personnel still between five and ten percent of the invoice amount. At best, one moves in Barcelona Metro. Especially the T10 ticket which includes ten rides and can be used in all public means of transport suitable in this case. From the airport it goes for five euros with the Aerobus in the city. Mysticism and Science in the trendy city of culture for all travelers who are open during the holidays for extraordinary and bizarre has a special tip.

At the Museum of funeral coaches (Museu de Carabineros Rosses of Funebres) the funeral provides Serveis fun he former de Barcelona from the impressive collection of hearse of all over the world. Insights into the burial customs in the Barcelona of the last third of the 19th century and the first half of the twentieth century await visitors. Those who are more interested in natural sciences, enters the Museum CosmoCaixa at his own expense. The Museum is one of the most prestigious science museums in Europe. A special feature of this museum is the replica of an ecosystem of the Amazon on an area of 1000 square meters. Even the typical, intense rain showers are imitated in this jungle greenhouse with some 30 m-tall trees. A visit to this museum is for owners of Barcelona card, which is available on, reduced.

Mendoza Instructions

Ensure that your notebook delayed in being carried notebooks repair service in Mendoza, continues the items listed below: battery or if you connect your notebook to electricity, it is recommended to remove the battery to optimize its durability. or use the battery until it is fully discharged. It is then when you need to charge it again. or caring for the same fall or be knocked. The LCD screen or try not to touch the screen. or when you close the notebook, verify on the keyboard there is nothing that can damage the screen.

or antipelusas used a dry cloth to clean the LCD. If you are looking for a more thorough cleaning, comes a special liquid to clean the screen without damaging it can be in the service of repair of notebooks of Mendoza. Keyboard or not on the keyboard, should, be ingested food and beverages. or you do not place heavy objects that could break it. or dust accumulated on the keys will have to remove it with a soft brush. Ports or disconnect any external device before you turn off the notebook.

The ventilation system or located your notebook on firm surfaces to avoid unstable surfaces like beds, blocking the vent mechanism and break your equipment. or care that does not accumulate dirt and lint that obstruct the ventilation of your personal computer. or you do not expose your notebook at too high temperatures. Software or avoids frequent operating system changes and recurrently formatted hard disks. or you install only the precise programs. or update your antivirus. or not you install programs whose minimum requirements exceed those of your notebook. or not you upload your hard disk with unnecessary files. Other recommendations or to transport your notebook takes protective bag. or if you carry it in your car, put it in the back seat or in a place where not suffer blows if you suddenly lockup.