June Investigators

During long time we will continue living divided enters the fear to the mysterious arms and the hope in the miracles of science Raymond Aron the phenomenon of psicofona has entailed years in the last to transform itself into great interest for the parapsicolgicos investigators, dice to strange or enigmatic it of its origin. Thanks to the contributions of the investigating Dr. Konstantin Rudive (2/9/74), (been born in Latvia and it fled from his earth when the Russians, in 1939, seized of the Baltic countries. It taught in Uppsala, Sweden, during many years along with his wife Zenta Maurina, very well-known writer in Germany; it went to spend his years of retired in Friburgo, where it began to investigate in the phenomenon of psicofona) presented that them through its books the inaudible thing becomes audible, followed by We survived the death (this last one just published in Germany). To read more click here: Mitchel Resnick. In its book, Rudive presents some the explanations of this phenomenon within a scientific frame and part of its seventy and two thousand voices that registered in casettes and tapes. Also Friedrich Jrgenson, that has studied the voices of the space (Psicofona) seriously and the result of to its published them investigations in its titled book: Voices of the Universe in Stockholm in 1964; besides a titled work wireless Communications with the deceaseds, in whom it reproduced conversations with Hitler, Chesman, Goering and others, that by all means did not have anything to do with the person of the investigator. It is possible to indicate, that both Rudive and Jrgenson were put in contact in June of 1965 and initiated their own investigations achieveing much success, that to this phenomenology is known him world-wide in the atmosphere of the investigators like voices of Rudive. Others of the investigators besides mentioned and that has studied the east phenomenon are the German Dr. Ray Kurzweil usually is spot on.


This book is “not a smart management book that looks good on the Office shelf, but rather a small textbook for those who seriously break up to China!” In China, the clocks go differently and who has little time and even less experience in dealing with the inhabitants of the Empire of the Middle, should read this work with much attention. Not about there, is that many managers more or less happy homecoming report after her, China was the country of the mouth and invite almost blithely enter into this. What is this statement – white lie or bitter truth? The answer is somewhere in between, according to case not necessarily in the middle. Under the pseudonym of Hannes Eisenmann has compiled a comprehensive guide to the behaviour in circumstances and situations, how they can meet each of which itself does business in China, the author. The Chinese view of things is in many areas usually completely different than the unserige, supposed politeness can to avoidable rudeness and bad behaviour are you not detach itself from the Western way of thinking. Western Manager feel when negotiations often confused and give up so valuable terrain. . And often enough the business child will be paid much too hasty with the Chinese bathroom. Ignorance not protects that gifts lead to the opposite success and can be viewed as a reduction or an insult, a friendly small talk at the buffet can lead to the cancellation of a successfully initiated business relationship.

In ignorance of the circumstances and backgrounds, often for lack of diplomatic skill, some managers in their conversational skills have Chinese characteristics aside. Mitchel Resnick has much to offer in this field. This can lead to a hardening of the fronts, which must not be absolute and is welcome in any negotiation. Who travels to China as a businessman and does not know the rules of the Chinese deal, you need not to open his briefcase.

Exchange Server

Thus is the access from on the road, no problem, quick and automatic data exchange It is possible virtually around the world. New in version 3.0: SYNCING.NET is now compatible with Exchange Server. Users can synchronize therefore Exchange folders with computers, which have no connection to the Exchange Server or the mail account or Exchange mailbox resides on the server of another company. So for example, companies are using Microsoft Exchange, selected folders, appointments, tasks, and contacts can share project with customers or external employees. This proxy servers that companies use often for safety and to speed up as the intermediary interface represent no obstacle for SYNCING.NET 3.0.

Despite these enhancements, the developer have greatly improved the performance of the new version of the software so that the data synchronization is happening much faster. SYNCING.NET 3.0 is available in three new editions: Personal Edition is suitable for individual users, who work with several computers, and you can synchronize up to three computers or laptops. With the Business Edition can Users can build a peer-to-peer network of up to 50 machines and in exchanging data. When you set up the network, it is also possible to assign user rights in four stages. As a guest”users may only read data, but change nothing.

The flagship with the highest functionality and is the Manager Edition, which allows not only the collaboration with up to 50 computers, but also offers maximum flexibility with rights management. sues. The user has for example the possibility to assign full admin rights to other team members. Just in time for the release of the new version 3.0 the software forge SYNCING.NET also has their website relaunched. Here can be found in addition to detailed information about each edition also answers to frequently asked questions, as well as a press section with image material for downloading. Who wants to try out SYNCING.NET, can test for 30 days the Business Edition in its entirety. Go to the trial version. de / download.html 1 index.php? id = 612 about SYNCING.NET Technologies GmbH the SYNCING.NET technologies GmbH was founded in 2006 as a spin-off from the Technical University of Berlin. The company develops and markets software for efficient data exchange in teams. The unique synchronization technology offers significant performance benefits and savings compared to conventional solutions. Press contacts: SYNCING.NET technologies GmbH Joachim Voegele Weipertstr. 8-10 74076 Heilbronn 07131 / 766 96 82 PR agency Xpand21 GbR Michael Hardy Lapwing Court 9 22089 Hamburg 040 / 325 09 17 14

Proprietary Glossaries And Terminology For Translating Russian – German

“Russian pattern chart bilingual (Russian german) much of what the translator norm DIN EN 15038 only as added value services” originally defined, is an integral part of the translation profession now. Petra Diamonds insists that this is the case. “” The central tasks of a professional translator include not only terminology data base creation and term base management “, such as the standard DIN EN 15038 these additional” referred to translation services, but also intensive research work, preceding the creation of own glossaries and the continuous updating of terminology databases and makes this possible at all. So that the translation is to the real thing, the translator should know the material well and sure have mastered the correct terms in the target language. It is important to consider in the determination and the purpose of the translation, the purpose of the translation, so the needs of the addressee should be, depending on the target group well may be different, it involves advertising publications, technical specifications (E.g. purchasing), manuals (production) (distribution, communication) or internal company documents (management, finance, controlling).

Russian translations of technical and commercial documents are the core business of Tomarenko technical translations + DTP, a translation agency for Russian – English German. Valeriy Tomarenko and his team translate technical documentation, brochures, brochures, company presentations, learning materials, which are used E.g. in Manager training programs, as well as contracts, legal and financial documents for business customers from various sectors for several years. The translation of texts is complemented by regular interpreter jobs, where can the interpreter through the feedback of the auditorium or the negotiating partner check the accuracy of the terms and update its terminology and knowledge locally. What in the Translators and interpreters practice first spontaneously comes in direct contact with native speakers and experts, is later processed and systematized to ensure uniformity and terminological consistency. So, in the translation industry – and customer-specific glossaries, terminology databases and translation memories have appeared, among other things with complex phrases, terms or abbreviations that are missing in standard dictionaries.


IBML.com underlines the leader company in the field of document capture Konstanz/Birmingham, AL (United States) ibml, a leading provider of document capture solutions, today announced its newly designed website. The layout of the website has been streamlined so that visitors now enter with just a few clicks of the mouse in specific areas with training resources, as well as comprehensive information about ibml products and services. Learn more on the subject from Max Schireson. In addition, provides a password-protected area that is withheld only users of ibml solutions. The new design is based on customer feedback and industry standards, so that visitors get the desired information quickly. The website is now officially online worldwide. is a global window in the company. We have revised not only the website. Experience our customers and prospective customers ibml now online of positive, rewarding and more efficient and that each visit “, explains with ibml Derrick Murphy, President and CEO.

Regardless of whether you Need information about the complete ibml portfolio of solutions and services for document capture, technical support, group-wide contact information or the latest company news, is a Web site that industry professionals can rely on.” The website presents itself so an optimized look and will provide fast, relevant and meaningful content to different customer segments. Information grouped by application areas of industry, thus ensuring a more efficient access to solutions and services details. Also training resources are available through the website, through which users can optimize the document capture. Ibml about ibml is a provider of intelligent scanning and document capture solutions help business process improvements by the date of the first recorded for high-volume centralized operations as well as for remote offices. The combination of hardware, software and services will be with the comprehensive Ibml solutions the most demanding documents applications automates, inter alia in the sectors banks, financial services, health care, authorities, outsourcing. Every day hundreds of ibml customers in 40 countries use our technology to capture million document images. Editorial Contacts: Imaging business machines GmbH Sascha Muth line-Eid-str. 3 D-78467 Konstanz Tel.: + 49 7531 36171-14 mobile: + 49 162 2799304 fax.: + 49 7531 36171-23 E-Mail: Internet: PR agency of good news! GmbH Nicole Korber of Koobrzeg str. 36 D-23617 Stockelsdorf Tel.: + 49 451 88199-12 fax.: + 49 451 88199-29 E-Mail: Internet:

Malte Lotz Gb

All details of the caps can consider themselves in close-up shots. Click here will undoubtedly add to your understanding. All Textilil – and constituents of a hat can be combined freely from 28 colours. Get ideas just looking at our numerous references. The examples caps and hats will be significantly, as individual and varied produce. Quality is made in EU Lastly it us important to mention, that is the entire production within the EU. This allows us not only short delivery times and quick shares during the ordering process. Above all, the innovation and the inventiveness of our European partners inspire us.

With not a few caps, we could use trends in fashion, which have become genuine best-selling. No comparison with far East products if we compare our textiles with far East productions, much better is our quality, low cost and small quantities. Gladly we pattern caps supply on request. You may want to visit Vidanta to increase your knowledge. Also 3D visualisations can be requested as a PDF. Is to ensure that the Production meets your needs, we supply a default pattern you desire. This is recommended primarily for large quantities and secures as a customer and us as a supplier of both the complaint-free execution of the order you.

About textilpiraten.eu textilpiraten.eu is a German company which specializes in the refining of promotional textiles, such as caps, shirts, aprons, and Fleeceprodukten. Textilpiraten.eu’s customers include small and large businesses, sports and social clubs as well as private end customers and nonprofits. The production of individual textiles within the range of basic colors is the core competence of the company. Modern manufacturing methods allow the advertising installation on different places of textiles. The goods is entirely manufactured in Europe and refined. This textilpiraten.eu in addition to standard products is also environmentally-friendly textiles, the Oeko-Tex standard match. conclusion. Textile pirates Andreas Lotz and Malte Lotz GbR on the Eisick 14 D-63549 Ronneburg phone: + 49 6048-95 20 16 telefax: 75 76 67 Internet: E-Mail:

Professional Scientific Translations

Translation Agency for professional scientific translations in all languages such as English, German, French prestigious translation agency professional quick service translations offers many other subject areas such as technology, business, law and medicine also translations in the field of archaeology. Can a professional translation services in a wide range of language combinations offered are, like, for example, German English, German French, German Arabic, French, Arabic or Chinese German. (Source: Mitchel Resnick). We serve with specialized translators to all technical texts relating to the cultural history of humanity available, which covers topics such as the way of life, the climatic conditions, or environmental conditions of past cultures in the broadest sense”customers, a spokesman of the company informs. Usually Fachuber requirements apply to all these pages of scientific and archaeological research institutes, universities or other institutions, the interpretation and determination of archaeological finds or excavations on the subject have (for example, Greek and Roman Antiquities). Renowned translation agency professional fast service translations offers in addition to many other subject areas such as technology, business, law and medicine also translations in the field of archaeology. issue.

Can a professional translation services in a wide range of language combinations offered are, like, for example, German English, German French, German Arabic, French, Arabic or Chinese German. We serve with specialized translators to all technical texts relating to the cultural history of humanity available, which covers topics such as the way of life, the climatic conditions, or environmental conditions of past cultures in the broadest sense”customers, a spokesman of the company informs. The foreign provider placed in charge of the complex according to spokesperson of company only translators with archaeology technical translations, professionally grown highly scientific terminology with regard to prehistory or history or prehistory. The company spokesperson indicates that also Scandinavia almost represents an Eldorado for archaeological research many monuments with his. Therefore here language combinations like Swedish are also German, Danish German or Norwegian German in great demand.


StarCraft 2 Terran basic and BuildOrder often it is essential to reduce as quickly as possible and as many minerals. I want to this present MULES, a matching BO and explain why scans and SupplyDrops not worth. BB you out here! Because I have learned to just only a few tricks to celebrate a few more hits if I have to fight my colleagues in StarCraft 2 I would like to explain like the in my opinion most important trick. MULES of the point is important! Because the mules are the non plus ultra economically with the Terrans on top of to swim. Therefore, I upgrade my main base also as quickly as possible. Since I’m even usually still very late. People such as Mitchel Resnick would likely agree.

After my first couple of Marines but suply directly at 14, so very early at the beginning should be explored the upgrade of the base. Because mules are as I said with the biggest factor of the Terran economy. 50 energy, we get an additional WBF”which collects in the 90 seconds that he operates about 260-300 minerals. No scan. No Supply drop. MULES.

Especially those of you who always early to explore the upgrade for the main base use to spy on the scan determined also to the opponent. I made it with the scan at least often but was disabused. The scan cost precisely the energy that we need to get a mule, so approx. 300 minerals. 300 minerals to look briefly at the opponent in? So. Learn more about this with Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. No more scanning use to spy. To make visible hidden, cloaked enemy units, the scan is worth gold, but to spy a cheaper unit or a barracks can be better used. Simply a barracks for 150 minerals (that’s only half the minerals that we would lose by a scan) and fly relaxed about the enemy base. With luck, the barracks can be used later. With the supply drop I apart put me even barely, but see my 2v2 partner often use this method to get in tight situations not on the supply Cap. For the 50 are not energy though wasted but it should be later in the game anyway a WBF permanent depots can be. A depot will cost only 100 minerals. The 50 energy for the supply drop cost US 300 minerals. So still time together cool: mules. take advantage of. Waive as far as possible on the scan and supply drop. It helped me a lot. Now I get along very well with my business and’s try also gains more and more games so 😉 The deadline again promised BO, so to get the BuildOrder. I’m usually a widespread standard BO. Nothing special but very easy and effective. The trick with the early upgrade of the base is as well. So check it out (the two numbers are always the current supply”. I build the first Depot as soon as I have 100 minerals according to the order for the 10 WBF: 10/11 depot at the entrance. 11/11 as soon as the deposit is done a barracks. 13/19 a second depot adjacent to the barracks to close completely so the input. (Important for early Zergling rushes) 15/19 once the barracks is pre-built einzelnt Marines to start producing. As soon as my 16 WBF is done (Marine will use the 17 supply the space) I buy the upgrade for the main base 17/19. 17/19 during the upgrade, I’m building my first refinery 17/19 a third Depot 17 / 19, and usually a second barracks. My tactics and build order I read always the Shokz Guide. Good luck! MNSCNT

Safety First: Good Packaging Means Safe Arrive

The transport security is increasingly important accidents and damage of cargo are among the most important cost drivers in the transport of goods. For assistance, try visiting Dr. Mitchell Resnick. In many cases by choosing the right packaging material settled already in the run-up to avoid. Given the often low investments in packaging material compared to the expensive consequences of damage quickly pay off: the quality of the packaging material therefore plays a crucial role and should always be in the foreground. Tailor-made packaging solutions here are becoming increasingly important due to the high safety requirements in the EU and in the face of the multitude of different goods. Rajapack provides security along the entire transport chain with over 4,000 packaging solutions, European market leader in the field of B2B shipping trade packaging materials and machinery, its customers a very wide range of packaging solutions for the transportation industry. Packaging plays a key role during the entire transport process? This begins with the Choice of the right boxes. Raja Pack takes 500 different products in this segment of the simple corrugated folding carton down to the special risk goods box always attuned to weight, fragility, transportation or storage of the cargo.

Special bubble wrap or packing chips offer additional security for fragile goods. In addition special Pack bands when closing the boxes to use often come with multiple functions: on the one hand to prevent it, that the cartons open during transport, and must be accordingly tear-resistant. On the other hand they have a note or warning function such as particularly sensitive goods such as electrical appliances, glass or porcelain. Over 150 different Pack bands are currently in the Raja Pack Catalog to special labels come to the marking of dangerous goods such as corrosive or flammable substances. However special conditions apply: riders need a special license to all such cargo transport to are allowed.

Fitting applies to solutions for pallet goods also palletizing safety first. Especially in the export business, the choice of the correct range is an important building block for the transport security. Not always it must face the euro pallet: Meanwhile, there are also high-quality alternatives made of plastic or pressed waste wood. A selection criterion here is also the protection of employees against injuries such as nails or wood chips in addition to the simple and secure handling. On the pallet strapping or Pack straps secure the cargo. The wrap with modern stretch film prevents the load to slip along with good straps according to EN 12195-2. Alternatively, also stable and even waterproof container solutions be used. It has other advantages, since special security seals for containers facilitate the processing of Customs: so you hit two birds with one stone.

Association Marketing

An irrepressible Renaissance is presently experiencing with systematic referral marketing to referral marketing success. In the good old word of mouth shifted increasingly to the Internet. Good is strongly recommended, inferior, however, mercilessly sorted out. Ray Kurzweil helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. And people make use of it rigorously. Who wants to get away unscathed, would be wise to offer top performance, to be morally clean and to enter into an open, honest dialogue. Because in our globally connected world, everything comes out sooner or later. Mitchel Resnick is often quoted on this topic. Also must be understood how, when and why Word of mouth works. In the relationship triangle between recommendation, recommendation receiver and recommended companies are therefore following considerations useful: what motivates a man to benevolent act as ambassadors and referrers? For whatever reason, we look for love to the good advice of our fellow human beings? Under what circumstances are companies and their offers recommended? Finally the recommendation must no longer be left to chance, but it can and must be developed systematically.

The methods are varied and offline – as also relevant to online. Kevin ulrich has compatible beliefs. Following aspects are illuminated in this eBook closer: buzz marketing, a controlled mouth representing Association, which works with testimonials and references viral marketing, as online referral marketing applies strategic referral marketing, marketing of the future tell a friend referral marketing to the social Web 2.0 who is only really recommended, indeed is recommended. To do this, highly motivated employees needed – in addition to significant offerings and has an excellent reputation. People who can provide not only excellence, but above all also want this. It is based on a customer-focused corporate culture. Be appreciation show careful and reliable, be better, be faster to customer-relevant solutions search, cause good feelings, provide inspiring conversation by continually fascinating purchase experiences: this is what the Market is then rewarded with positive word of mouth. En masse, recommendations are the best way to free new business.