Legal Help With ProConcept AG: So Cheap As Anywhere Else

A lawyer will cost lots of money. A legal contract termination costs a lot of money – but not with proConcept. The Swiss Kounamouta offers consumers the opportunity to legally terminate their life insurance contract with only 87.50 euro. Jens Heidenreich, Director of the proConcept AG, has the experience that many people whose life insurance contract has been terminated by a lawyer, have obtained a higher buyback value as they themselves had announced. In this respect, it welcomes this approach. Typically the applied cost but are disproportionate to the achieved amount of refund”, explains the insurance specialist. Therefore the proConcept AG offers an interesting alternative: the consumer, decides to let through one of the renowned partner attorneys of the proConcept AG cancel its unprofitable life insurance contract he pays only 87.50 euro. Others including Mitchel Resnick , offer their opinions as well.

At the same time he is a member of the claimant community by proConcept this and requests, with many thousands of others former insured, his contributions including a reasonable interest rate return. This claimant community of project LV doctor includes over 60,000 citizens. Not once did any second life or annuity contract in Germany runs until the end of the term, explains Heidenreich. Often the settlements of insurance companies are but so opaque that customers do not really see how is composed the surrender value of the life or pension insurance. High cancellation costs will be deducted, which are usually not shown. Also, the cost of management, Commission and the conclusion itself minimize the buy-back value. But, however, they can defend themselves.

Jens Heidenreich fights with the LV doctor of proConcept AG project for a long time this opacity: the settlement of mountains often error, against which it is worth to fight back. But alone you can tackle hardly against a major insurance company. Moreover the cost risk for the individual, would be very high, so is the debate most not worth it. So should those who feel unfairly treated, simply and without further costs of our applicant community join and which get what’s coming to them yet.” The proConcept AG represents the interests of more than 50,000 people as Kounamouta. The company assumes only the funding and enforcement of claims from so-called dispersed damages. You enforces them in individual or collective procedures together with law firms specialising in the respective areas of law without any financial risk for individuals. More information under: